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Living on the Edge!

Living on the Edge! is not currently scheduled, however...

We recommend our delightful Best of Baja 2019 program for you!

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Here's a Geology version of our fascinating Hidden Treasures program: 

Living on the Edge!

More Geology Excitement with 

Amazing Bob Scarborough!

Stand on the fabled San Andreas Fault with Amazing Bob and learn why your position may be, shall we say, a bit precarious. Explore and discover the historic Coachella Valley and vicinity from its depths (Salton Sea!) to its heights (Mt. San Jacinto!).


Tour Alert: Reserving Now!

Last Offered: Jan 27-Feb 1, 2014

Explore the dynamic geology of southern California’s deserts, palm canyons, mountain wilderness, Salton Sea and lots more with geologist Bob Scarborough. Adventures by day, Hilton comfort at night!  Spacious seating in comfortable new vans; each guest enjoys their own window seat! 

Enrollment limited to the first 20 guests.

 Don't wait: Anticipate!

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Are you fans of alluvium?

Have you traveled with Amazing Bob in Baja and Death Valley?

Plan now to join us for this latest geology adventure!

Explore Southern California's Beautiful Coachella Valley & Environs...

...with geologist extraordinaire: Amazing Bob Scarborough

Enjoy the comfort of your own window seat. Just 2 guests per wide 3-person seat!



A delightful desert palm oasis just bursting with birds and beauty!




Living on the Edge!

A Brand New Learning Vacation for You!

With geologist Amazing Bob Scarborough

Explore California’s Deserts, Palm Canyons, Faults, 

Mountain Wilderness & Salton Sea’s Birds!

Jan 27 – Feb 1, 2014

$ per person, double occupancy. Private rooms are available at $ additional.

Living on the Edge of the San Andreas Fault may not be your idea of peace and relaxation, but rest assured, this journey with our affable geologist scholar, Amazing Bob Scarborough, is truly fascinating! Over the years, Bob has brought geological knowledge to many of our guests on tours from Baja California to Death Valley. Hidden treasures, many the result of the infamous fault’s seismic activity, abound in the Coachella Valley Region of Southern California!

You may be familiar with the fine golf, delightful hotels and memorable restaurants of Palm Desert and Palm Springs, but wait: There's more! This beautiful valley and the surrounding areas offer magnificent natural history. In this land of contrasts, lush palm and cottonwood oases spring out of stark landscapes.

Why? Because all this California beauty has its faults! As the Baja peninsula splits away from the Mainland, and the Californias slowly inch their way northward, the desert floor opens to allow water to spring forth to nourish growth that has long played important roles in the lives of wildlife, Indians, Hollywood and the local economy.

Today, the heat generated by the seismic stirrings way down continues to benefit us as it aids in the production of energy. Impressive arrays of wind generators are attempting to do the same.

Five spectacular mountain ranges cradle this unexpected place; the steepest escarpment in North America rises from the desert floor to almost 11,000 feet in a mere seven horizontal miles! In this land of contrasts, lush palms and cottonwood oases spring out of the stark


From the higher elevations we will see California’s largest surface area of water 50 miles away: the Salton Sea, which attracts hundreds of species and millions of birds each year. In our days of exploration, we’ll visit this vast sea and surrounding deserts, palm canyons and mountain wilderness. We’ll learn about the tremendous forces that created these diverse habitats.

We’ll ride the world’s largest rotating tramcar up six thousand feet past the sheer cliffs of Chino Canyon to the 8,516 ft. mountain wilderness and enjoy a memorable lunch with the breathtaking vistas of the evermore-familiar landmarks below.

Our small group of just 20 guests is reserving now; you're invited to come and discover with us! The seasonal weather is just right: Wonderful!

Scenic round trip travel from Tucson in roomy new passenger vans (just 2 guests per wide 3-person seat) where every guest enjoys their own window seat! Spacious accommodations by Hilton Homewood Suites every night, many meals, and all admissions included at $2395 per person, double-occupancy. Private rooms are available at $335 additional. Group size limited 20 guests. 

Reserving now. Call Piet & Mary Van de Mark at Baja’s Frontier Tours in Tucson, (520) 887-2340 for detailed brochure, information and registration. Please scroll down through the photographs to find more information...Any questions? m

We're Reserving Now!


In this dry land, water rises through cracks in the earth to form unexpected oases!





The Salton Sea provides a treasure of bird life


I'm Important?


Breathtaking birds!

Many have yet to discover that geese are grown in rows in Southern California





Some say Hi Jolly's Camels still roam the deserts


The San Andreas fault shines on a museum diorama


Mud volcanoes bubble up near a hydrothermal electric plant


The winds from the high sierras also help to make electricity


At nearly 11,000', Mt. San Jacinto dominates the Coachella Valley region

And you'll see the vast valley well from Mt. San Jacinto!

Luncheon with an amazing view at the top of the world


Are boulders bolder than Joshua Trees?

Perhaps that is so.

How did all those rocks get piled up like that?





One can see the Salton Sea from afar


George Patton taught troops tank warfare in the California desert in WWII.


    And you wondered why we named our premier trip Hidden Treasures?




Contact Mary & Piet Van de Mark

at Baja's Frontier Tours 

with your questions.

(Tucson, Arizona) 520-887-2340.



Enjoy the comfort of your own window seat!



Mary's lifetime in Arizona, plus her two decades of natural history education experience, including fourteen years at the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum, continue to assure BFT's fans an enjoyable and professional learning experience. Mary's love of arts, history, great food and friendly, curious people keep her on the go, often getting away with her husband Piet to scout new and special spots to share. BFT's guests enjoy Mary's passion for desert flora, ethnobotany and her informative nature interpretations.

Piet's passion for Baja California, Mexico's natural beauty bloomed on a personal odyssey in the summer of 1962. Baja's Frontier Tours began with 4WD camping expeditions—Personalized Wilderness Travels—with Piet’s founding of BFT in Tucson in 1966. Programs gradually evolved into the enjoyable and unique learning eco-vacations—Personalized Natural & Cultural History —that Mary and Piet personally create and share with their guests today.



Living on the Edge 2013 is co-sponsored by The Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum!

Living on the Edge! Jan 27-Feb 1, 2014

Explore the dynamic geology of southern California’s deserts, palm canyons, mountain wilderness, Salton Sea and lots more with geologist Bob Scarborough. Adventures by day, Hilton comfort at night! Enrollment is limited.

Remember, Mary & Piet are the tour producers as well as your personal hosts on this - and every - BFT learning vacation! Please call any time with any questions.


Call Mary & Piet Van de Mark at Baja's Frontier Tours

to register for this program

(520)-887-2340(Tucson, Arizona) 

$ per person, double occupancy

Private room available at $ additional


Jan 27-Feb 1, 2014


Living on the Edge, a custom program for your group?

This is a wonderful custom learning vacation for your club, group, institution or extended family and friends. Always personally escorted by Piet and Mary Van de Mark. Please plan as far in advance as possible; one or more years is advised; however, we'll accommodate shorter notice if possible. Call, write or email us to discuss options. (530) 887-2340.


 Contact us by phone: 520-887-2340 (Tucson, Arizona)

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