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Tucson Public Art  the Good, the Bad and the Ugly!

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Tucson Public Art  the Good, the Bad and the Ugly!

last offered February 15, 2011

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We are pleased to offer this eye-opening day of learning and exploration in our city

An always memorable luncheon at Susana Davila’s famous Cafe Poca Cosa is included!

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The Rattlesnake Bridge! You've driven under it...but have you walked across it?

Or heard it's rattle?

with U/A Professor Alfred Quiroz

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Above, Professor Quiroz talks our guests through the Chicano world of history, art, religion, conquest, myth and dreams, 

as revealed in the grand mural by David Tineo and Antonio Pazos at the Tucson Museum of Art


It seems that everyone has an opinion about public art – from the rattlesnake bridge over Broadway to the red sculpture Sonora at the downtown library. But, how many of us feel comfortable judging a work of art as good, or not so good, or even just plain ugly? Public art is an important reflection of a community, but who decides? Join this very special opportunity to experience Tucson’s public art from an art appreciation perspective, and from an insider’s viewpoint as well. Your guide is University of Arizona art professor Alfred Quiroz, an early and active participant in the barrio mural scene. Working with the Tucson-Pima Arts Council, he has been instrumental over the years in the selection process for a number of the works seen around town. Incisive and provocative, Quiroz raises questions that might not otherwise be asked and considers the often complex and untold social, legal and political decisions surrounding an artist’s work. We’ll visit the oldest and newest barrio murals, learning more about today’s trends in the mural movement. 

Alfred Quiroz, professor in the School of Art at the University of Arizona, has created and participated in many mural projects in his native Tucson since the 1970’s. Quiroz has worked with neighborhood residents, gang members and his students to facilitate the participants’ utilization of their own concepts. “My motivation for mural-making is more toward a community statement. An enhancement of the artificial environment,” says Quiroz. “In 1990 I dreamed and had suggested that Tucson could be the Mural Capital of the U.S. Muralism continues as a way of public visual communication.”  

Join Alfred for this memorable day wherein he shares his passion and some of his favorite and most significant projects. If you’ve enjoyed Barrio Murals with us long ago and/or Tucson Public Art more recently, this occasionally repeated program always includes something new as well as some old favorites. Alfred will add delightfully to your knowledge of Tucson’s public art, the good, the bad, and the ugly! 

Even more, Professor Quiroz dives into every facet of his life as an artist. He knows how to see. And he is very skillful at sharing that essential skill as an art form with you, his students. Come and be his student for this day. You'll learn a lot about Tucson and its heritage, and a bit about yourself, too. And rest assured, you'll savor every bite of nourishment and every nuance of conversation during our very relaxed and leisurely break for a delightful lunch at downtown’s renowned Cafe Poca Cosa. Comfortable luxury motor coach transportation from Tohono Chul Park is included. Fully escorted by Mary and Piet, of course, with able assistance from Marcia Quiroz.



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This educational program is co-sponsored by both Tucson's Tohono Chul Park and the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum.

Desert Museum members reserve with Baja's Frontier Tours; Tohono Chul members please call Jo Falls at the Park.

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Tucson's Tohono Chul Park

is a non-profit, botanical garden and art museum. 


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As an artist in his studio, sometimes Professor Quiroz is just beside himself!

Pazos heroes at the substation, 75, H, 4in, G.gif (78638 bytes)Tineo's el rio history, 75, H, 4in, G.gif (80287 bytes)


Call Mary & Piet at (520) 887-2340 in Tucson, Arizona for more information

February 15, 2011...Reserving Now

Luncheon at Susana Davila’s famous Cafe Poca Cosa is included!

Tucson Public Art, a custom program for your group?

This is a wonderful and economical custom one-day trip for your club, group, institution or extended family and friends.

Available with the comfort of a fully- appointed  motor coach or comfortable passenger vans, 

and personally escorted by Piet & Mary Van de Mark and Prof. Alfred Quiroz.


Please plan as far in advance as possible; one or more years is most welcome; 

however, we'll accommodate much shorter notice if possible.

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