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Mesa Verde Archaeology

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Mesa Verde Archaeology







`If you enjoy the discovery and study of archaeology and the Breathtakingly Beautiful Southwest Vistas, plan to join us for the Archaeology of the Mesa Verde region in April of 2015. Mesa Verde, in Coloradoís Four Corners Country, is renowned for striking landscapes and spectacular pre-historic cliff dwellings, the last homes of the Anasazi before the regionís abrupt abandonment in A.D. 1280.

Who walked through these doors?

Did you ever wonder where the people of Mesa Verde came from?

Where did they go? 

Come along with us and acquire a personal and chronological understanding of the great span of Pueblo history in this region; during our days of exploration there, archaeologist Jonathan Till will unravel the past by visiting both seldom-seen sites in the archaeologically rich Montezuma Valley, and, of course, the incredible Mesa Verde itself!

Thanks for your interest in this program... It's one of our most favorite learning vacations... And, if you love photography, well, we hope these pictures speak to you...
The vast Mesa Verde rises into southwestern Colorado's bright blue sky, and is renowned for its striking landscape and spectacular cliff dwellings, many of which were constructed in the A.D. 1200s. These same places have received much notoriety as the last homes of the so-called ďAnasaziĒ before the regionís abrupt abandonment in A.D. 1280. 

Where did these people come from and where did they go?

To understand the great span of Pueblo history in the Four Corners region, we need to begin our exploration at sites situated in the archaeologically rich Montezuma Valley, an amazing, beautiful and comparatively little-known basin country that lies at the foot of the Mesa Verde; our archaeologist scholar, Jonathan Till knows this region intimately.

Jonathan will unravel the past for you as we visit a variety of sites -- small & large prehistoric villages, a prehistoric road, great kiva and Great House -- that date to different points in time during the 700-year Pueblo history. 

We think youíll enjoy Jonathanís style and his long-time hands-on knowledge of the area. He's Curator at Edge of the Cedars Museum in Blanding Utah; he'll show us some of the vast collection there on our last day.

Adding to that experience, we will turn our attention to the incredible Mesa Verde itself and will complete our story with visits to a number of sites, including walking through large cliff dwellings. 

The tour begins in Tucson, Arizona. Travel with us round-trip from Tucson through some of Arizonaís most breathtaking scenery, then through strikingly beautiful Navajo Land and into Coloradoís fabled Four Corners Country. Comfortable accommodations, deluxe group travel and trip cancellation insurance, all breakfasts and several picnics afield are included.

The wildlife habitat both on the Mesa Verde and in the surrounding Montezuma Valley is plentiful and photogenic. We saw and photographed mule deer and turkeys to the point they became commonplace...

...well, almost. Birds are everywhere. While scouting for an earlier trip in 2010, Mary and I enjoyed the best look at a wild mountain lion we've ever enjoyed, though it was quick and at dusk and no pictures were possible.

Our memorable journey between Tucson and Colorado will take us through some of Arizona's most scenic country, across Navajo land and into the fabled four-corners. In our 10 days of initial scouting of the area, we gathered sufficient opportunities for more than the length and content of this one journey, so, we've selected significant sites and museums, very comfortable accommodations throughout the trip, and discovered some really great places to eat, too. 

We are pleased to offer this learning vacation again for 2016!

The first 19 decisive people will be able to anticipate and share this unique learning vacation, and we are taking your reservations now.

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Vast Montezuma Valley from Mesa Verde

Sleeping Ute Mtn. from Montezuma Valley

La Plata Mountains...distant & snowy

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