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Hopi Arts & Culture: March 22-28, 2015 With Mark Bahti

Hopi Arts & Culture is not currently scheduled, however...

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The Journey is the Destination!



Arts & Culture


with Mark Bahti

March 22-28, 2015

This return visit to Hopi features new adventures, an extra day with the Hopi people and includes a delightful final evening at  Historic Hotel La Posada, Mary Jane Colter's 1930's Fred Harvey Railroad Hotel!



Hopi Arts & Culture 2015 is produced for



Small Group Comforts Reserving right now!

Our friendly group is limited to just 19 guests. Enjoy our spacious seating comfort of only two people per wide three-person seat in the three brand new vans. Now everyone can savor Arizona's scenic vistas from their own window seat. Come and enjoy!

This program was previously available in  20013



Walpi, Arizona by T.J. Youvella, Coyote Clan of Polacca, Arizona ©1997

  Picture in your mind soaring scarlet mesas, crowned by multi-story adobe villages. The sky & clouds go on forever in a classic Western vista.

Feast your eyes on the blue red and yellow corn, grown in traditional gardens scraped from the dry earth. And on Hopi silver.
our old Hopi pot, 2in.gif (81592 bytes)  Do the names Old Oraibi, Second Mesa, Hotevilla, Shongopavi and Keams Canyon conjure other images of dancing katsinas, pottery the colors of the earth and traditional Hopi overlaid silver with bold designs in black?



Join Mark Bahti,  for this enjoyable four-day journey to the Hopi Mesas in northern Arizona with Mark Bahti, author, scholar and second-generation Native American art dealer (Bahti's Indian Arts in Tucson, Arizona and Santa Fe, New Mexico. http://www.bahti.com

Picture this in your mind: soaring scarlet mesas crowned by ancient multi-story adobe villages. Listen to the wind rustling through the rows of blue, red and yellow corn growing in traditional gardens scraped from the dry earth. Do the names Old Oraibi, Hotevilla, Shongopavi and Walpi conjure up images of dancing katsinas, pottery the colors of the earth and overlay silver with stark yet flowing designs in black?

The lives of Hopi people encompass all these things and more; even the awesome beauty of the land in which they live. Theirs is a culture that has endured change with impressive success for more than a millennium, a tradition of values rooted in the land. Are you ready to venture back in time to this storied and beautiful place?

This exceptional journey into the captivating culture of the Hopi people is guided by noted author, scholar and second-generation Indian art dealer Mark Bahti and produced and hosted by Piet and Mary Van de Mark of Baja’s Frontier Tours. 

On this unforgettable adventure, we will visit the mesas of the Colorado Plateau in Northern Arizona to explore the land, ancient villages, shops and homes; here, you will meet the Hopi People and learn directly from them. Visit First Mesa’s iconic Walpi village, discover a vast and ancient petroglyph site, savor traditional food in a Hopi home, learn about Hopi farming methods (and their incredible seed diversity!), watch world-class silversmiths, potters and katsina carvers at work, and much more.

We’ll gather on our first night in Scottsdale, AZ. Our journey north takes us to the pine forests of Flagstaff and the Museum of Northern Arizona before settling in at Hopi in the comfortable new Moenkopi Legacy Inn, followed by three nights at the Hopi Cultural Center hotel. 

Throughout the tour we’ll savor flavors of blue corn and chili, lamb stew and piki bread, both in a traditional meal prepared especially for us at a Hopi home, and as updated, contemporary restaurant options; more familiar choices are available, as well. 

Our final delicious evening, sample the creations of renowned chef John Sharpe at the award-winning Turquoise Room at Mary Jane Colter’s incomparable and historic La Posada, a 1930’s Fred Harvey railroad inn, at Winslow, Arizona.

Limited to just 19 participants, this tour features scenic, round-trip travel in comfortable passenger vans (just 2 guests per spacious bench seat, everyone enjoys their own window view), from either Tucson or Scottsdale; deluxe group travel and trip cancellation insurance has been purchased for each guest; six nights’ pleasant accommodations, some meals and fascinating experiences to last a lifetime round out this unique experience.

Our guests who choose to travel round-trip from Tucson will meet early afternoon on March 22 at a central Tucson location (to be announced to guests) for the drive to Scottsdale. 

Guests who choose Scottsdale will join us at our very comfortable Scottsdale hotel this evening (lodging included); cost is the same. While those who arrive late afternoon will be able to gather and get acquainted, there is no formal program this evening. Round-trip travel back to the city where you began is included. We expect to arrive back in Scottsdale midday on March 28, and continue on to Tucson after lunch. The Scottsdale hotel provides both airport shuttle and parking for guests. Reserving now.


Mark Bahti enthusiasm for Indian arts, history and culture is deep and contagious! As he grew up in Tucson, Mark traveled the Southwest frequently with his father, Tom Bahti, from whom he acquired his love for the people and the business of his life. Mark will share his passions as we journey through scenic Arizona. Noted Indian arts dealer, scholar and prolific author, Mark's affable knowledge makes this trip one of life's memorable learning experience for those intrigued by Southwest Indian arts, history and culture.

Dennis Winsten photo

Piet & Mary Van de Mark Piet founded Baja’s Frontier Tours in Tucson in 1966. Before joining BFT full-time, Mary directed the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum's study tours for 14 years. Piet & Mary offer Personalized Natural and Cultural History learning vacations in the peninsula of Baja California and other selected spots in the American Southwest.




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$per person, double occupancy roundtrip from Tucson or Scottsdale, AZ.

private room available $.

Participation Limited to 19 guests - Reserving Now

Deluxe Travel and Trip Cancellation Insurance is included.


We are pleased to bring you excellent comfort and enjoyment on this program.

Parts of Hopi remain remote and cannot be visited, let alone fully appreciated, by motor coach. We choose very comfortable new passenger vans, and limit the participation so that only two guests will occupy each 3-person seat.

Everyone will enjoy window seat views and spacious comfort.

This group is limited to just 19 guests.



 Contact Mary & Piet Van de Mark by phone: 520-887-2340 (Tucson, Arizona)

EMAIL: piet@bajasfrontiertours.com


Hopi Arts & Culture, a custom program for your group?

This is a wonderful custom trip for your club, group, institution or extended family and friends. Always personally escorted by Piet & Mary Van de Mark. Please plan as far in advance as possible; one or more years is most welcome. Call, write or email us to discuss options. (530) 887-2340 in Tucson, Arizona.


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